Pilz Bioscience
Paradigm Shift
Modern healthcare takes notice of psychedelic medicine, but thus far clinical exploration has been limited to PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and anxiety disorders. Pilz is going a step further by including the molecular effects of psychedelics, at long last merging biology and cognition in the clinical setting.
Pilz Bioscience
Innovation in ASD
Though ASD symptoms are diverse, underlying causes converge on common biological mechanisms, priming development of a new approach to diagnostics and treatment. Scientific studies suggest a strong association between ASD and inflammation, as well as ASD and microbiota in the gut. Likewise, parallels exist between social cognition in autism and some of the key behavioral elements already being treated with psychedelic therapy.
PILZ Bioscience
Vision for the Future
Ultimately striving to revolutionize the current approach to healthcare, Pilz aims to expand the focus of the pharmaceutical industry to include mental as well as physical well-being in treating patients.